Consultancy Services

FORSTEK is a petrochemical solutions provider that creates tailor-made chemical solutions for its clients, fueled by a love of chemistry. We can not only design and test the solution, but also manufacture and distribute it to our customers. Moreover, if the client decides to produce on his own, we may supply him with the technical know-how necessary for application and production.

In the petrochemical sector, technical and environmental difficulties, adjustments, and advancements are persistent, expensive, and always urgent. Based on our vision of Simplicity and Multiplicity, which serves as the foundation of our approach, we will endeavor to assist the client in acquiring the most cost-effective solution.

After developing, manufacturing, and distributing our flagship standard product into three groups of Refinery processing additives, fuel and engine additives, and special care industrial products, our team has developed a custom solution for the neutralization of acidity in Tire Pyrolysis oil for one of the largest TPO producers in Turkey, drawing on their extensive experience in the petroleum industry. The proposed chemical solution was able to reduce the TAN acidity number of the TPO from a high of 10 KOH mg/g to below 2.00 KOH mg/g without modifying the existing production process or investing any more funds beyond the costs of the chemical components. Currently, the client is doubling his production capacity by having the developed solution manufactured at the FORSTEK industries Kimya location in Turkey.

Thanks to developments in the desulfurization of Biodiesel acid oil feedstock, another client was able to increase the usage of less expensive feedstock in the lead-up to the transesterification process, which is when the acid oil is converted into biodiesel. For the relatively little cost (excluding the cost of the catalyst), the desulfurization solution that was produced was able to remove up to 80% of the Sulfur in the process.

Our expanded product line and deeper understanding of our customers' needs are thanks in large part to the solutions we've developed in response to their requests. Taking on problems that can only be solved with chemicals is one of our favorite things to do since we think it's the best approach to earn our clients' trust and loyalty